10 Best Anime Sites Like KissAnime


Here at Honeydogs, we love our anime. KissAnime is one of the best-known in the world., but there are many others like it. Curious about Kissanime alternatives? Read on and discover the 10 best anime sites like KissAnime.

An anime website offers immense fun and enjoyment to the viewers as they can stream or download anime (dubbed or subbed). The highest-quality anime excites the users with its visuals and rare content and are viewed easily on both desktop and mobile devices. Viewers can download the series or movies for their own use. Therefore, the users must avoid selling or distribution of the videos to a third party.

KissAnime is one of the best anime streaming websites for viewers around the world. It has a broad genre of videos including drama, action, adventure, romance, thrill, games/sports, horror, and others. It will satisfy every anime fan with a broad variety of videos, but it is not easy to access the site in many countries.

Several countries prohibit access to the website due to technical issues or the intellectual property laws prevalent in the country. In such cases, anime lovers need to know the alternatives to get good quality anime series to have fun. The best anime sites like KissAnime that offer the most enjoyment are below:



9Anime is a well-liked anime streaming site that is popular among viewers around the world. It has a diverse variety of content including action, drama, thriller, horror, etc. The viewers using the site get hooked on it due to the wide options available on the site. It has user ratings and other factors that help the viewers decide the Anime series for satisfactory viewing. The homepage of the site offers the viewers the friendly schedule features to get updates about their favorite show/episode. With a simple, clean, and beautiful website with an excellent user interface, the site will entice the viewers. The site also offers easy navigations and connection with other users via comments. It’s easy to access via desktop or mobile.

Important note: when we try to access 9anime on Firefox (our favorite browser) we get a security warning for the 9anime web site. Proceed with caution!



Masterani is one of the best anime sites like KissAnime as it offers ad-free viewing experience to the users. The site is cleaner with no annoying factors on the site, which will attract the attention of the viewers. The impressive feature of the site is the ability to sort the videos based on the users (kids or adults). The hassle-free site offers videos with just a click. Users have the option to view their favorite anime series from different streaming videos in high definition. The site also offers schedules to provide information about the next favorite episode of the users. Users can share their ideas with others through comments.


Anilinkz offers another alternative for viewers who love their anime series. It is the streaming site like KissAnime with the latest anime available in High Definition (HD). It is highly accessible as it offers dubbed content that is easy to understand to viewers around the world. The site offers high-quality videos, but the drawback is the unnecessary ads that can dampen the viewing experience. Users can search the anime series of their choice by searching it with keywords. It has a separate navigation menu (header and footer section) to simplify the process for the users.


Anime Season

It has no ads to annoy the ardent fans of anime series, which allows them to watch their favorite series without interruption. The site has a huge repository of videos with diverse categories to satisfy every anime fan. The site has the complete series of trending animes to appease the curiosity of the viewers. Another positive feature is the user rating system that allows the viewers to like or dislike the videos depending on their choice. The site also offers a separate view counter for every episode. The bad news? The site is set to be shut down in August 2018. Stay tuned to see if it is saved.


Anime Freak is another good alternative to the KissAnime website. It offers a unique experience to the user as it offers English dubbed anime streaming. Many websites offer only the Japanese version of the anime series, but the site has dubbed version to satisfy the users across the world. Users can search or filter the search according to the name, genre, etc. Viewers can enhance the viewing experience by opting for different streaming servers. The sites update the content with new materials frequently. It also offers Android app to view the anime on cell phones.


Gogoanimetv is known as the warehouse for Japanese anime series of the highest quality as it has a huge repository of videos. It has a streaming server that users can choose depending on their favorite genre.



With an attractive and easy to navigate homepage, AnimeLab entices the users with the interactive interface. It is one of the Best Anime Sites Like KissAnime that offers highest-quality anime shows as it is provided directly from the creators. It offers a multiplatform experience to the users as it supports the iOS, Android, Xbox, and Playstations. Users get an immediate notification with new releases and updates. It is a legal site with no downtime and supports the creators of the anime series displayed on the site.


The site has an impressive database with a diverse variety of anime videos to entertain the users. Viewers can search the anime videos in the search box without spending money. It has a simple user interface that makes it easier to search and watch the videos.


AnimeStreams.tv has a significant library of Japanese anime to satisfy the anime lovers. It is one of the Best Anime Sites KissAnime with an organized website. It offers viewers the option to view television as well as web anime shows. Users can view their favorite episodes at a later time with the save for later feature in the Facebook. The site also offers English dubbed anime videos to the international viewers.


Crunchyroll is a social network site dedicated to hardcore anime lovers and is a perfect destination for people looking for alternate sites like KissAnime. It offers excitement to the users with several features. One of the attractive features is the multi-language option that allows the users to view anime shows in a language like Italian, Arabic or English. The premium members of the site can watch anime videos on different platforms like Television, Xbox, Android TV, PlayStation, Chrome OS, Windows phone, etc.

Final thoughts on Sites like KissAnime

The ancient Japanese culture inspired anime shows attracts a huge number of people around the world as it is extremely exciting to watch. Anime lovers who are disheartened by the blocking of KissAnime can opt the ideal alternative to enjoy the fun of watching the shows. The sites suggested above offers a high-quality streaming experience to the users to have a satisfying and complete anime experience online.

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  • Eve Hunt says:

    I use 9anime.to on my pc and phone, on my phone i use the app web video caster to watch as that app blocks ads and allows me to use external players such vlc.

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