Weird and Wonderful Places in Google Earth

Travel with Google Earth

Google Earth is a fascinating and fun tool that has been around for years, and allows you to explore the entire globe from the comfort of your chair–or anywhere else, for that matter. But once you’re past the novelty of searching for your own backyard or the town you grew up in, you can experiment with Google Earth to see some truly outstanding things. Here is our collection of some of the most fascinating YouTube videos that showcase all that Google Earth has to offer.

The Strangest Places in the World According to Google Earth

This popular video on YouTube (nearly 2 million views at last count) highlights some of the strangest sightings on the Globe using Google Earth. It includes wonders such as “Parched Lips” and The Palm Jumeirah — a man-made island in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


10 Secrets Google Earth Places You’re Not Allowed to See

It turns out that some places on our planet are so super-secret that even Google is obliged to obscure them from view. These include obvious ones like North Korea and several military installations, but also includes a blacked out area in the middle of the Girona province in Spain.

14 Shocking Google Earth Finds

Spend enough time searching through Google Earth and eventually you’ll find some pretty unusualĀ things. The creators of this video have done a lot of the work for you, uncovering 14 really strange places, including the “Lake of Blood” and the Heart Shaped Island of Croatia.

20 of the Creepiest Google Earth Images

Google Earth contains many photos of famous places, usually taken by the always-roving Google Street View cars. This video rounds up 20 of the strangest still images caught by the Google cameras.

There you have it! There’s more than meets the eye when you travel the globe with Google Earth!


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