How to Play Framed in Roblox

Roblox - Framed

Roblox games are some of the best and most challenging games that you can spend your time playing. For instance, consider the game, Framed, which suits those people who love spying. The game requires shooting skills, stabbing, aiming, and dodging your competitor’s weapons.

The Basics of Framed

Framed is one of the many games available for play inside Roblox. In Framed, the game begins with the premise that you’ve been framed! The goal is to find your target without getting caught. Framed is a high-action, deception Roblox PVP experience. The game has three classes namely Framed, Police, and Undercover.


As a framed individual, you should use your knife or gun to kill everyone who appears on your target board. You can check the face of your targets so as not to kill those who do not appear on the board. In case you kill someone not on your list, then you become a target for the undercover police. The police also have the authority of killing you instantly if they get you with your gun pulled out. You, therefore, need to be careful not to kill innocent people who are being hunted by those on your target board.

In this level, you win the game if you are the only one left standing after shooting everybody else down. The fact that undercover police are all over the portal makes it hard for you to win the game. If you kill all people, the timer goes under 30 seconds and the epilogue starts. The police can legally hunt and shoot you down.


The goal of the police in this game is to kill any Framed individual who has his gun pulled out or has a wanted status. It is easy to confuse an undercover and a framed person. Therefore, if you are playing the cop, you need to be very careful. Additionally, the police can confirm they are the cops by pulling out their badge hence saving themselves from being shot. In such case, you should also clarify your status by pulling out yours. Otherwise, you will be shot down instantly.

Undercover Goal

An undercover is a Framed individual in disguise and unless you pull out your badge to confirm your status, the police will shoot you. While the Undercover and the Police have the same role, they are prone to shooting by both the Framed and the Police unless they pull their badges once they face police officers who are not undercover.

What Makes The Game Interesting?

With the three goals, the game has different levels, which make it even interesting. For instance, there is the Classic Framed, which is modified mode of the Framed. In this case, instead of escaping police shooting, the last standing Framed wins the game.

The other mode is the Hunted man whereby all Framed players in the game have one target to hunt down. In case they fail to kill the target, then another Framed is given the hunted status randomly. The hunted man can kill any other Framed individual to stop them from being the hunted and the last standing Framed person becomes the winner.

The most exciting game mode is Double Agent, whereby there is the Framed and the Double Agent. The target here is to find out who the double agent is and shoot him down. The Double Agent has a responsibility of killing the Framed without being caught. Roblox games are entertaining, but this one is one of the most exciting ones among them. Play it today.

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