Is U2 Helping the iPhone 6 Launch or Not?


Rumors were swirling last week that tomorrow’s expected launch of the iPhone 6 by Apple would feature mega-band U2. It was speculated that they’d even launch a new song or even an entire album exclusively on the iPhone 6 via iTunes. But hold on folks, a representative for the band says it’s simply not true.

Everyone knows that U2 and Apple have always had a close relationship. Bono has appeared on stage with Steve Jobs before, and U2 songs have been featured in Apple marketing and advertising.

“They are not releasing their album on the iPhone, and they are not performing at the iPhone launch,” the band’s representative told the Independent, an Irish newspaper. So there you have it. Supposedly. Believe it or not, that still leaves things open. For example, they could be releasing a song and not an album, and just because they won’t be performing doesn’t mean they won’t be involved.

We’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see.

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