Seven Cool Ways to Pick up Your Summertime Running Routine

Woman Running by the Lake at Sunset

The warm summer weather is perhaps one of the best times to kick-start your running schedule. But having said that, the challenges you are likely to come across during summertime operating are also immense. It is indeed a tough task to get through the hot and humid weather because more than often you will feel that the heat is certainly slowing you down instead of boosting your performance. But operating in the heat is not as hard as you presume it to become, particularly, if you follow a set of simple and hassle-free guidelines. In case you’re thinking, how and where to start with- here’s all that you should know about summertime running. These summertime running suggestions and summer marathon training suggestions will surely improve your performance.

Run by your efforts and not by pace

One of the first things that you need to be doing is trying your best to avoid every possible frustration associated with running at pace. Instead of going by the pace, you should make it a point to tune your body with effort-based training. Your body is not aware of the pace. It is, however, aware of the effort. So, when you ebb and flow with what you are getting from the day, and your overall training and performance, you will definitely progress with time.

Summertime running on the trail

Summertime running is fun, especially when you go off-road

Start on a slow note

No, you can by no means be a marathon star from the very first day you start running and this is all the more relevant during the summer season. So, if you’re just getting started with it, try to start slow. Let your body get accustomed to the hot weather. Try to acclimate, your body so that the effects of the heat are minimum. Plan to run and walk every single day. Missing out days and giving yourself too much of a break is likely to put your joints and muscle tissue in injury. On top of that, jumping with too much of gusto and energy can tire you out, and most importantly, tire your muscle tissue too. This will turn out to be a major setback, thereby making it utterly difficult to adhere to the schedule once again. Try to walk slow, and focus on increasing your period of running by 10% every week. This will effectively enable you to adhere to the right running schedule.

Increase your hours of walking

If you really want to kick-start your running regime and enjoy the best out of it, it is usually better to walk more. Try to lengthen your walking segments. Walk for longer hours and keep your leg muscles active. On doing this regularly, your leg muscles will be fit and you will end up with better and longer hours of running.


When you need to get moving on your running schedule, don’t stress your knees too much. Running is necessary, but at the same time, relaxing is also quite important. It is absolutely good to take short breaks from tedious hours of running. This not only keeps you fit but also gears you up for better operating sessions. When the heat is bearing down on you during your summertime running sessions, it’s important to keep it loose.

Couple Running in Summer

Regularly practice balance exercises

Balance exercises will play a vital role in strengthening your core muscles and accessory leg muscles thereby providing better stability to your joints. So, if you practice these exercises regularly, the chance of hurting your knees is definitely relatively less and running during the summer wouldn’t really seem as challenging as you had thought of.

Slowly buck up your mileage

You cannot really enjoy pain-free running if you take long breaks from your running sessions. In order to avoid joint and knee pain, you will have to slowly increase your mileage. Try to increase your mileage by 10% in order to enjoy the best from running.

Exercise with a foam roller

You can always stretch, practice yoga and jog in order to buck up your mileage. But once you practice with a foam roller, your body tightness will easily and consistently roll out. This will eventually enable you to enjoy an amazing and operating session during summer.

Bonus: Increase your nutrient content

I know we said seven cool ways, but since it’s a hot summer, here’s a bonus eighth. Keep cool with good nutrition!

Unless you increase your nutrient content, there’s absolutely no point in practicing the given recommendations. Try to have a balanced diet with more whole foods instead of processed foods. You can also boost the intake of fish oil and glucose, in order to protect against the excess loss of energy owing to summertime heat.

Now that you know what do, get started with your summertime running session minus the issues and the hectic schedule.

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