The Best WiFi Analyzer Tools for Windows

WiFi Analyzers for Windows

You might be wondering why you might need WiFi Analyzer Tools for Windows? Following our guide on WiFi analyzers for the Mac, here’s a guide for Windows users.

Sometimes there are some parts of your home wherein you can receive a strong signal from your WiFi router. However, there are also some portions wherein the signal is weak. This is due to some interference as well as the efficiency of your router. Most routers are recognized by its specific range. However, you can’t assume that this range is similar in any direction. The problem is where to place your router in order to obtain a strong signal. Simple, just use WiFi Analyzer Tools for Windows.

These WiFi analyzer apps will automatically detect every WiFi network that is available near your area. Additionally, they will give you all the details for each of these networks. For instance, the channels that they operate on, the WiFi encryption methods that they use, the strength of their signals, and so much more. Some of these WiFi Analyzer Tools for Windows can also make a precise WiFi signal strength heat maps, wherein you can identify which areas have weak WiFi signals. This can help you decide the best place to put your WiFi router.

Top WiFi Analyzer Tools for Windows

WiFi Analyzer

You can get Wifi Analyzer from the Microsoft Store. It is simple to use and mainly designed for home users. You can either choose the basic version or the pro version. The former is ad-free while the latter gives you more. The main features of the Pro version are live-tile support, beeper that can detect signal strength, automatically connects to WiFi networks, locks screen rotation, lets you modify signal strength borders, utilizes filters and screen timeout is disabled. With WiFi Analyzer, you can quickly recognize and solve any Wi-Fi problems. It can help you search for the best channel. By installing this app on your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you will know the best place to install your router.

What makes it stand out?

Shows the channels where the WiFi networks operate on. Once you notice that there is an overlapping from other networks, then you can quickly change to a different channel so you can avoid any obstruction.

Solarwinds Wi-Fi Monitor and Analyzer

Solarwinds Wi-Fi Monitor and Analyzer is very easy to use and includes complete Network Performance Monitor (NPM). It is capable of handling several types of networks. With NPM, you can control all the details of your network. By accessing NPM, you can monitor your wireless network wherever you are. You can constantly check signal strength, the type of security being used, connected devices, number of users, and many more. Active alerts can be seen on the main dashboard. However, you can also configure it to send you an e-mail or SMS whenever there is a critical alert.

What makes it stand out?

NPM will automatically gather all the signal strength and displays it on the heat map. Here, you can quickly notice the signal range for each device. At the same time, you can quickly locate rogue or missing devices.


NetSpot is another great Windows WiFi analyzer that can be used by beginners are well as expert network administrators. The user interface looks amazing and user-friendly too! It is not complicated and can be easily understood by anyone. Aside from its wonderful appearance, you can also take advantage of its advanced WiFi analysis which includes two excellent WiFi scanning modes. The first one is the Discover mode wherein you can quickly take images of the entire WiFi networks that are available in your area. The second one is the Survey mode which gives you the chance to make a specific WiFi strength heat maps.

What makes it stand out?

It is simple yet powerful. NetSpot is also affordable.

MetaGeek’s InSSIDer

MetaGeek’s InSSIDer is one of the most established WiFi Analyzer Tools for Windows. There are three different editions that you can choose from including InSSIDer Office + Wi-Spy Mini, InSSIDer Office, and InSSIDer Office + Wi-Spy DBx. Among the three, InSSIDer Office is the most affordable one. The downside is that it cannot support spectrum analysis and channel utilization for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. If these features are essential to you then you should get the pricey one which is the InSSIDer Office + Wi-Spy DBx.

What makes it stand out?

InSSIDer can precisely measure the WiFi signal strength in
your area. This can give you the chance to choose a perfect channel for your
WiFi network. You can also monitor the strength of the signals that you


Vistumber is not like any other WiFi Analyzer Tools for Windows since it can support GPS and live Google Earth. Once it can detect a WiFi network, it will immediately identify it on a map and displays its precise location. It can also show pertinent information including its name, security, strength, and others. This app is mainly designed for wardriving, wherein you can search for WiFi wireless networks even if you are inside a moving vehicle. Nevertheless, you can still use it for detecting WiFi networks in your home. The only drawback is that it uses an obsolete user interface, making it harder to use.

What makes it stand out?

Can support GPS and Google Earth integration.

PRTG Professional Wi-Fi Analyzer

PRTG Professional Wi-Fi Analyzer can quickly and accurately analyze availability, signal strength, traffic, and others. It is very easy to set up and configure. With auto-discovery, it can quickly locate your Wi-Fi network. You can configure it to occasionally monitor the status of every device that connects to your Wi-Fi network. The built-in sensors can track down your bandwidth load. These sensors can also alert you whenever there is a Wi-Fi interference or if you have reached your bandwidth limit. A notification will be sent through SMS, email, or Syslog. It can also generate reports, so you can analyze your previous data.

What makes it stand out?

It has a flexible cost. You can try the free trial version that comes with unrestricted sensor monitoring. However, this can only be used for 30 days. You may also try the freeware version which is totally functional. This is capable of tracking down a maximum of 100 sensors.

The most important thing to consider is that WiFi analyzer Tools for Windows are not only for network experts and IT administrators. In fact, everyone can use a WiFi analyzer. You can use it in your home so you can enjoy faster WiFi speeds and lessen interference. Nowadays, most people are using WiFi in accessing the internet, especially if they are using laptops, tablets, and smartphones. WiFi Analyzer Tools can also help in detecting users who are abusing the bandwidth by downloading movies, torrents, and others.

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